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To connect, support, and empower women and creative media-makers in the Kansas City production community and advance equity for all in our industry.

Board of Directors

Meet our fierce and fearless leaders.

Lolo Loren WIFM KC President


PRESIDENT 2023-2025
Gayle Maurin Fundraising and Partnerships
gayle Maurin
fundraising and partnerships
Katrina Everhart Programming and Education
katrina everhart
programming and education
Nicole Hall - Marketing and Social Media
nicole hall
marketing and social media
Dena Hildebrand Vice President
Dena Hildebrand
vice president
Jamie Morrow Programming, Education, Marketing, Social media
jamie morrow
Programming and Education, Marketing, 
Kimi'Sung - Fundraising and Partnerships, Membership, Website
kimi 'sung
Fundraising and Partnerships, Membership, Website
Meredith Lindsey Treasurer
meredith lindsey
Katie Theis Marketing and Membership
katie theis
marketing and memberships
Mary Beth Hershey - Fundraising and Partnerships
mary beth hershey
fundraising and partnerships
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